An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) in India is a person specifically licensed which is issued by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and authorized by the Organization, to certify the airworthiness (fit to fly) of an aircraft and its systems.

All Maintenance on an aircraft is to be carried out by trained technical persons in accordance with rules and is to be certified by a licenced/authorized AME.

Training only At DGCA Approved AME school


AME licence can be obtained by undergoing AME training in an approved AME college/school. AME schools approved under Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR) 147 can only provide this course. Complete curriculum, methodology, seats, Instructors and practical training are prescribed by DGCA.


AME Module Examinations


During the course you are eligible to appear in DGCA held AME Module examinations. Module examinations are held by DGCA three times in a year. Thereafter you can take up apprenticeship in an airline or Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO) and learn maintenance of specific aircraft.

Cat A  Licence


Once you have qualified appropriate DGCA module exams and fulfil experience criteria you may be granted Cat A certification authorization  which is constituted by the airline/organization. This is limited certification authority.

Full Scope or Type rating/B1.1 or B1.2 or B2 course for specific aircraft


After qualifying specific aircraft approved course and skill test one becomes a type rated AME holding B1.1, or B1.2 or B2 licence as per his training, the organization will grant Full Scope authorization to certify the aircraft.