Portal to upload certificates by Candidates of Punjab Aircraft Maintenance Engineering College, Patiala.

  1. Please fill the details as per Provisional Seat Allocation Letter. 
  2.  Login using your gmail ID to fill this form and upload documents.
  3. Upload the self-attested scanned copies of documents. ( PDF or Image formats only )
  4. Please follow the instructions on respective institute website.
  5.  In case of any questions, drop an email to helpdesk@mrsptu.ac.in, cc: daa@mrsptu.ac.in.
  6.  Fields Marked with (*) are mandatory.
  7.  Form once filled cannot be edited. Please make sure everything is correct before submitting this form.

The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form. Not piara71@gmail.comSwitch account



Find the link to a portal for candidates to upload and submit documents to PAMEC Patiala

URL:        https://forms.gle/QNWXUEQYbJUq44586